Miss Alourdam – Keisha Rose

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Miss Alourdam Page!Miss-Alourdam-winner2

Keisha Rose, the mesmerizing Miss Alourdam, was crowned this fall by CEO and owner of Alourdam Cigars, Mr. Adam “Action” Jackson himself. Stunningly gorgeous, naturally sexy and smart in a very classy way, has made miss Keisha Rose stand out of the crowd and win many voters heart during the Miss Alourdam contest. Her fabulous aura is a perfect mix with Alourdam Cigars. “I am very humbled and excited to represent Alourdam Cigars as Miss Alourdam.” Her line, upon receiving her ribbon. Alourdam Cigars is proud and happy to have such a beautiful young lady be a part of the Alourdam Cigars team. Like, Share, Tag your Favorite Cigar, and Miss Alourdam!
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